About Us

New Lubrication Technology LLC (NLT) is the sole distributor for the award winning technology Boron-CLS-Bond® in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Boron-CLS-Bond® is the key ingredient in the associated brands, MotorSilk® and LubriSilk®, manufactured by Advanced Lubrication Technology, Inc. (USA), holds a U.S. Government Patent. Developed by the USA Department of Energy at Argonne National Laboratories, Tribology Division as part of the NASA space program. Boron-CLS-Bond® technology has been successfully applied in various industries such as Railway, Transportation, Mining, Automotive, Marine and Defence.


NLT works closely with BLT and ALT’s principal chemists to find the best applications of the Boron-CLS-Bond® technology to provide solutions to our clients unique problems, and where required to customize and innovate with new blends and products for specialized treatments.


Our team at NLT are confident we will be able to work with you with improved and customized services that will result in long-term economic savings and many years of cooperation, cleaner air for our future generations. innovative applications to reduce Mongolia’s leading problem of emission.